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TwinStar Credit Union Announces 2018 Scholarship Availability

January 16th, 2018|Blog, Business, Featured, Non-Profit Orgs, Top News|

TwinStar Credit Union recently announced the availability of the 2018 High School and Higher Education Scholarship opportunities. The programs are part of the TwinStar Community Foundation's efforts to help members pursue additional education.TwinStar Credit Union offers scholarships to both graduating high school seniors and older students seeking college education. Nearly $46,000 is awarded to almost two dozen scholarship winners each year.

Did Local Politics Gut the Summer Cruisin’ Event

June 20th, 2017|Blog, Clark County, Government, Local Events, People, Top News|

You've likely heard some of the hubbub surrounding what's happening around one of Summer's most popular events - Cruisin' the Gut. We received some information from the event organizer which lays out what happened to the event and what might be happening next.Having spent *years* of my youth cruising those very same streets - ah, the old '71 Camaro, shown sans engine during a rebuild - oh, to have that one back... sigh :) - this event was a real joy to watch unfold each year. I'm really disappointed it came to this, and I am hopeful that the folks at the City see the benefit of extending the same financial support to this event as they do for the arts, music, theater and other important events happening in the downtown core.

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