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So, what’s this place all about?  Connecting Community.

It’s all about the news and notes, people and places, life and leisure, activities and events that make Vancouver, USA and Clark County Washington such a great place!

Clark County Live aims to be your one-stop resource for what's happening around the corner and up the street in your neighborhood.  Providing a "hyper-local" feel for stories too "small" for big-time media, this network of neighborhood sites serve small but vibrant communities within our larger geographic community. With more hyper-local sites soon to come, our local neighborhood network aims to be your “go-to”, “one-stop” source for all that special about the people and places of Vancouver, Clark County and Southwest Washington.

Be part of the community. Whether it's simply to comment on an existing topic, or contribute information about an upcoming event, Clark County Live! is committed to being your community correspondent.

Again, thanks for stopping by, please come back and visit often... and watch us grow into your neighborhood network of all that makes Clark County great!

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