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        The Parade of Bands Celebrates its 46th Year

        arrrr Mate, This Year Theme is "Pirates Treasure"

        Vancouver WA, Clark County, hazel dell parade, parade of bandsCome One, Come All, to the 46th Annual Parade of Bands, which is all set for Saturday, May 15th, starting at 10:30 AM. The Parade follows its customary route , starting at Fire District 6 Station 1, on NE Hazel Dell Avenue and ending at the Totem Pole Shopping Center on NE Hwy. 99 at 78th Street.  This year looks to be one of the biggest ever, as outgoing Congressman Brian Baird serves as Grand Marshall.

        The Parade is presented each year by the Hazel Dell Salmon Creek Business Association and features entries from a wide range of divisions, including;

        • Floats
        • Horses
        • Classic Cars
        • Specialty Vehicles (fire trucks, steam engines, etc...)
        • Political campaigns, and of course
        • Bands.

        Lots and lots of Bands. From all over Vancouver and Clark County, as well as the Portland Metro area and other places throughout the Pacific Northwest.

        An incredible amount of work goes into the management and oversight of your Parade, one of the largest in the state.  The Hazel Dell Salmon Creek Business Association, and specifically this years Parade Chair Dellan Redjou of Smokey's Pizza , and HDSCBA President Sharif Burdzik of First Independent Bank , have worked tirelessly on this event.  The Parade of Bands is a signature event for the Hazel Dell Salmon Creek area, but really serves spectators from Felida to Fisher’s Landing, from Woodland to Washougal.  It’s an event that all of Clark County and Southwest Washington can be proud of.

        The Parade brings back great memories for participants of the past and creates new moments to cherish for many more. (Personal note, I still remember several years of riding in the back of trucks for my Hazel Dell Little League teams.)

        So get there early to get a great viewing area along Hwy. 99, or wherever your favorite spot may be.  And remember, please support your local Hazel Dell and Salmon Creek businesses that make this awesome event happen.

        1. Anita 6 years ago

          it would be nice if the parade route map was big enough to be legible.

        2. Jenni Gainsborough 6 years ago

          The information about the Parade of Bands would be much more helpful if the map of the route was readable! I need information about which streets will be closed and which ones I can drive down. Next year please do a better job of providing this information with a good map.

          Thank you!

        3. Author
          Mitch Canton 6 years ago

          Hi Anita, Jenni and any others who problems with the map. You are right. We used a map generated from a third-party, and thought it had transferred well enough onto the blog. In hindsight, we should have attempted to find another source for the map so the resolution would have been better. I am sorry for the inconvenience. It was our mistake and we’ll learn from it.

          I hope you enjoyed the event. We’ll have photo and video coverage up in the next day or so.

          And I promise next year we’ll look for a better resolution image for the map. Thanks for stopping by the site, and thank you for taking the time to give us feedback, we appreciate it and hope you’ll come visit again soon.

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          The Parade of Bands Celebrates its 46th Year

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