Science On Tap | Decoding Cats

||Science On Tap | Decoding Cats

Science On Tap | Decoding Cats

Have you ever watched a funny cat video (or your own cat) and wondered, “Why are they doing THAT!??”

Well on July 12th at Science on Tap | Decoding Cats, you can find out a little more about our feline friends.

Dr. Rolan Tripp, veterinarian and animal behaviorist, will talk about a cat’s body language when they are trying to communicate with people, analyze those crazy cat videos that go viral and decode the underlying brain-muscle mechanisms of impulse control, reaction thresholds, and the fine line between quirky and crazy. Once you know what to look for, few things are as entertaining as “Cat Social Politics.”

Dr. Tripp has also spoken at several previous Science on Tap events on Inside the Feline Mind, and A Scientific Approach to Raising an Ideal Dog in both Portland and Vancouver.

You can get advance tickets for this show online or at the Kiggins box office.

Science on Tap is hosted by Kiggins Theater where you can sit back, enjoy an adult beverage and laugh while you learn.

Don’t just satisfy your thirst for knowledge…be sure to check out the snack bar where you can grab a pint, a glass of wine, a slice of pizza and some other tasty nosh.

Science On Tap | Decoding Cats

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