Ridgefield Gives High Honors for Student and Employee of the Month

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Each month at the Ridgefield Schools Board of Directors meeting an outstanding student and employee is chosen to be recognized.

November’s Employee of the Month is Sarah Roberts, a Special Education paraeducator at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School. Roberts is well loved by both students and fellow staff alike. She has been an important piece of the pie for many years starting at South Ridge Elementry School and now at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School. She has the ability to make each person both big and small she encounters feel important.

Sarah is said to be an “exceptional person” and according to a colleague “without fail, she daily shares her gift of spirit and generosity with the entire Ridgefield School District Community. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone loves her. Sarah brings a heart, joy, and enthusiasm to her daily life that is infectious and contributes to a spirit that has made our schools and district a unique and special place to teach and learn.” Another colleague stated “she is always diligent and creative in her delivery of lessons while individualizing her support to ensure success for her students. Nearly without exception, her students have always shown tremendous growth under her tutelage. Sarah is also naturally curious and is always reading and researching how to best provide instruction for her challenging students as well as her students with challenges. On more than one occasion, I have suggested and encouraged Sarah to return to school to get a teaching certificate so she can lead her own classroom and share her natural gift as a teacher to a larger audience.”

As for Student of the Month, one student is selected from each school within the Ridgefield School District. Third-grader at South Ridge Elementry, Mason Roberts has been selected by teachers and staff there. They write “Mason Roberts is a young man that always follows the 3R’s. He is respectful to his classmates and adults. He is responsible in everything he does – doing his classwork, returning homework, assisting others, and always speaking kindly to all. His resilience shines through in his problem-solving abilities, he does not give up when presented with any kind of problem, and he is willing to compromise with the partners he is working with. Most of all, he is a joy to be around.”

In fourth grade, student Nolan Erickson at Union Ridge Elementry was selected by teachers and staff there. “Nolan consistently demonstrates respect, responsibility, and resiliency. He is extremely kind and polite to his classmates and teachers. He consistently comes to school with a positive attitude and is a classroom leader. Nolan helps other students during recess and lunchtime. He is an excellent example of a kind, caring, thoughtful and hard-working student. Nolan represents Union Ridge Elementry with a great sense of integrity and academic excellence.”

From Sunset Ridge Intermediate School, fifth-grader Roman Matthiesen has been selected for his hard work ethic among other things. The staff has said “he is kind, considerate, sweet, and funny. He always is up for a challenge and will not move onto even the “fun” until his work is done.”

View Ridge Middle School Student and eighth-grader Jordyn Davies was selected by staff and teachers. They said “Jordyn Davies is very studious and is a wonderful example of how to get the most out of your education. Jordyn takes pride in her work and things outside the bod. She is creative, inventive, and ready to challenger her skills in all of her endeavors.”

And last, but not least, a sophomore at Ridgefield High School, Levi Hipple was selected for his academic achievements, s among other things. Staff says “Levis Hipple has a perfect 4.0 GPA. Levi takes advanced classes in both science and math. In addition, he is involved in tennis and soccer, is the vice president of the Leo Club, and is active in 4H. The reason he was chosen Student of the Month is not because of what he does, but because of who he is. Teachers describe Levi as exactly the kind of kid you love to have in class. He makes other students better. Levi is a polite student who strives for excellence. He is a positive student who raises the bar for all students.”

The student and staff recognition program is sponsored by the Sportsman’s Resturant and Loung in Ridgefield. This is the fifth year they have sponsored the program and the Ridgefield School District is grateful for their support.

Congratulations to all who have been recognized, we know you will keep up the good work!

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