Ridgefield Little League Baseball and Softball

Ridgefield is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state and Ridgefield Little League is growing as well! Ridgefield Little League is an All-Volunteer run organization and relies on the generosity of the surrounding businesses and citizens to support the league. Your support will be critical in enabling our organization to continue improvement and safety enhancements to Abrams Park, RHS Fieldhouse, and provide quality gear replenishment at all divisions, maintain our fields and facilities, and continued overall league operations.

But all this effort takes an incredible amount of time and financial resources. How can you help?

Ridgefield Little League has partnered with ClarkCountyLive.com to bring a fresh, new approach to our fundraising activities – the BoostrBook. It’s like those old coupon books, but localized, digitized, and revolutionized!

  • Deals and Discounts worth thousands of dollars from dozens of local merchants (save every day, where you work, shop, and play!)
  • Mobile webapp, so you’ll always have your offers right at your fingertips (everyone forgets that old paper book at home!)
  • Free upgrades throughout the year as new merchants and offers are added (a BoostrBook exclusive!)

Plus, because there is no book to print (save some trees!) and with the cutting-edge technology of the program, there is a huge savings that is passed on to us – so more of your purchase donation goes towards our kids.

Here on our campaign webpage you can easily place your order (below), and when you share this page with others (please do!), we’ll automatically earn rewards from those orders as well!

We’re excited to partner with the popular local website ClarkCountyLive.com to bring our community a better, easier, and more mutually rewarding fundraising program.

Please donate today to receive your BoostrBook – and to help Ridgefield Little League continue its efforts to create a positive sports environment for our kids.

Thank you for always supporting Ridgefield Little League – we appreciate you!

The BoostrBook

GREAT NEWS!! When new Offers are added to the ‘BoostrBook’ program, Active accounts can receive the upgrades AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

How AWESOME is that?  :) – just another exclusive ‘BoostrBook’ benefit!

The ‘BoostrBook’ is a big bundle of special offers that’s not even a book at all. The ‘BoostrBook’ mobile webapp provides access to thousands of dollars worth of deals and discounts from dozens of local merchants.

From Food and Dining to Stores and Shopping. From Health and Wellness to House and Home. The ‘BoostrBook’ provides access to special offers that you’ll be able to use right here in your community.

Even better, your ‘BoostrBook’ donation benefits these local teams, groups, and organizations, supports the local businesses, and saves you a ton of money – plus we all do our part to keep our community a vibrant and dynamic place.
Save Every day where you Live, Work, Shop, and Play!

It’s a Win-Win-Win!

The following Offers are currently available in the BoostrBook program. BUT REMEMBER, when new Offers are added to the ‘BoostrBook’ program, Active accounts can receive the upgrades AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! [show-logos orderby=’rand’ category=’cl-activities-entertainment,cl-food-dining,cl-health-wellness,cl-house-home,cl-stores-shopping’ activeurl=’same’ style=’normal’ interface=’grid4′ tooltip=’false’ description=’false’ limit=’0′ padding=’3′ img=’80,80′ filter=’false’]

Do you own or manage a local business that would benefit from more marketing, more brand awareness, and more customers?

Find out how your business can benefit by being promoted in BoostrBook – FOR FREE!

Does your team, club, or organization fundraise? What if your group could make more money, with easier campaign management and less work, plus have a strong community partner like ClarkCountyLive in your corner throughout the process?

Find out about how your group can boost fundraising results with BoostrBook!


Please note, there is a limit of one (1) BoostrBook purchase per transaction. You may purchase additional BoostrBooks in a separate order. Thank you.

If you have a pre-purchased "Certificate ID number" or coupon code, simply select 'Buy Now,' then redeem that certificate/code at checkout.

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ClarkCountyLive.com is a huge supporter of ‘Buying Local’ and ‘Supporting Local Non-Profits and Groups’ – and the ‘BoostrBook’ combines those passions. The neighborhoods of Vancouver and Clark County are full of great stores, restaurants, and service providers that are ready, willing, and able to serve our friends and neighbors.

Your ‘BoostrBook’ donation benefits these local non-profits and organizations, supports the local businesses, and saves you a ton of money – plus we all do our part to keep our community a vibrant and dynamic place where we live, work, shop, and play.

It’s a Win-Win-Win!



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