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  • Magenta Presents: “Dead Beats” a Halloween Music Event

    Ghoulish fun and zany adventures await you at Magenta Theater on October 27th and 28th.

    Join Frau Bloomer, as she brings you along for the ride as Professor Frankenvalley works to create the perfect band (the Dead Beats) for the Transylvania Music Festival.

    You will be entertained by the ever-present servant Algore, Cyril the Monster and the all other creatures created by the professor using ‘this, that and the other’ picked up in the local cemetery.

    No need to leave the kids at home, this is an event for the whole family!

    Some come out for a good laugh at family-friendly banter onstage, sing along with the band as they play tons of Halloween favorites and get your toes tapping as you watch all of the amazing dance numbers.

    Get your tickets now online to be sure you have a seat. There will be tickets sold at the door…..if there are any left.

    Performances on October 27th and 28th start at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm).

    If you have questions, please call the Box Office at 360-635-4358.

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    Magenta Presents: "Dead Beats" a Halloween Music Event

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