Lacamas Trail to Become Bike Downhill Course

A dirt trail at Lacamas Regional Park will be closed to foot traffic and become a one-way downhill trail for mountain bikers. The 297-acre regional park is home to more than 12 miles of trails.

The trail, unofficially known as Red Tape, is a 0.6 mile long winding, steep trail in the eastern section of the park. Designating the trail for one-way bike-only use will improve the safety at the park.

Multiple user groups participated in a 2016 trail study at the park. Two open houses were held to receive public feedback. The park’s trails were evaluated, and Red Tape was identified as the most popular mountain bike trail.

Clark County does not offer a bike-only trail at any other park. County residents advocated for such a trail during development of the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan, which was adopted in September 2015.

This is not the only trail at Lacamas Park with user restrictions. The Lily Field loop, located in the north section of the park, is open to foot traffic only.

“We are lucky to have a diverse trail system at Lacamas Park,” said Bill Bjerke, Clark County Parks manager. “The variety of trail features provides different user groups with opportunities to get the best experience possible while at the park. A one-way bike-only trail will provide mountain bikers an experience they can’t get at any other park in the area.”

Signage will be installed in the next two weeks. Although park users are expected to comply with the restriction for safety reasons, there will be no official enforcement of the new trail designation.

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