Klineline Kids Fishing Teaches FUNdamentals of Fishing

||Klineline Kids Fishing Teaches FUNdamentals of Fishing

Klineline Kids Fishing Teaches FUNdamentals of Fishing

The annual Klineline Kids Fishing event is “reel” fun and a great way to get kids “hooked” on having fun in the great outdoors. Registration is open now for this popular event. Kids with special needs kids and adults with special needs will fish on Friday, April 7, 2017 (siblings ages 5 – 14 may register and fish with them). Saturday, April 8, is the fishing derby for kids ages 5 – 14.

Over a two-day period, 8000 to 10,000 people will gather at Salmon Creek Park/Klineline Pond to help children experience fishing, playing outside, and learning about water safety and our natural resources. Klineline Pond is stocked with thousands of trout to give kids the best chance possible of experiencing the “thrill of the catch”. All fishing gear and bait will be provided, and each child will have the chance to catch, clean and keep up to two fish. While there is no guarantee of a catch (but I personally have not seen a child leave empty handed), all kids will get a Fishing Kids T-Shirt, and get to keep the rod and reel they fished with!

Kids and their families are also encouraged to visit and experience other hands-on activities in the park including an archery range, and educational kiosks. Prizes are awarded for the largest and smallest fish caught in each fishing session and bicycles are awarded hourly.

“Presented by Klineline Kids Fishing Nonprofit, with lots of help and support from Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Clark Public Utilities, US Fish & Wildlife, Fire District 6, local businesses, and sport fishing groups; Klineline Kids Fishing introduces kids to the benefits of fishing as an individual and family activity, and is aimed at getting more kids outdoors, involved in fishing, and aware of our natural environment.”

Registration is $5 for each participant; scholarships are offered for those in need, and donations are gladly accepted to help pay for the scholarships awarded. Klineline Kids Fishing registrations are available online beginning February 1, 2017. For more information, visit Klineline Kids Fishing online.

Klineline Kids Fishing Teaches FUNdamentals of Fishing

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