Give Your Input on the Proposed New West Side Bike Routes

Do you live, work, or bike in West Vancouver? If so, the City of Vancouver needs your help.

In 2016, the Westside Bike Mobility Project started asking the public how they can improve traffic safety, mobility, bicycle, and pedestrian problems within neighborhoods and business areas on the west side of I-5. It was suggested that more north-south bike routes be made to connect the west side neighborhoods and downtown Vancouver. Upon further feedback, it was suggested that there be one new route with protected lanes and/or a neighborhood greenway. This would make it safe and accessible for all ages and abilities. Suggested routes are on Columbia Street, Daniels Street, Washington Street, and Lincoln Avenue. Upon completion of the project, the new bike routes will be developed over time and as funding allows.

While much feedback has already been given, the City still needs more. This is where you come in. To give your input, visit the City of Vancouver online and take their Westside Bike Mobility Project survey. You can also visit one of two upcoming community events where information on the project will be shared. On Saturday, September 29th, attend the Waterfront Grand Opening on the Vancouver Waterfront. The project team will be assisting with bike parking and sharing information about the project. They will be stationed in the courtyard behind Vancouver City Hall (415 W 6th St.) Or you can attend a more in-depth open house at Bike Clark County (1604 Main Street) on Monday, October 15th.

For more information, visit the City of Vancouver online.

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