Free Fall Leaf Disposal Coupon Now Available

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With the arrival of autumn and leaves falling and covering the ground, the annual Fall Leaf Coupon Program, courtesy of City of Vancouver and Clark County public works, can assist with proper disposal of leaves. The popular program allows residents to bring leaves to designated drop-off sites for free disposal. Keeping leaves out of streets helps prevent clogged stormwater drains and localized flooding.

From October 1 to December 31 residents can drop off up to five cubic yards of leaves at one of four designated sites at no charge. Residents can get their coupon by:

– Printing a coupon from,, or
– Clipping a coupon from Waste Connections’ annual recycling newsletter, which will be mailed to all residences in October.
– Calling Vancouver Solid Waste at 360.487.7160 or emailing [email protected] to have a coupon mailed.
– Picking up a coupon from Vancouver City Hall, 415 W. 6th Street, City of Vancouver Utility Services, 2323 General Anderson Road.

The four sites for leaf disposal are: H&H Wood Recyclers, McFarlane’s Bark, Triangle Resources, and West Van Materials Recovery Center. Addresses, business hours, and more information can be found on the coupon. The coupons are for residential use only and cannot be redeemed by businesses. Branches and other yard debris are not eligible for free disposal. Loads should be covered during transport, and all bags of leaves will need to be emptied at the disposal site by the resident. Residents can also dispose of leaves in their yard debris/organics cart.

Coupons are required and must be filled out with the name of an individual on the coupon, not a business, to be valid. Some drop-off sites may have a few spare coupons on hand this year, but residents are strongly encouraged to print, clip or get coupons in advance, before making the trip to drop off leaves.

Government officials remind residents to rake and properly dispose of leaves to prevent roadway flooding. Leaves that aren’t properly disposed of can clog storm drains and create areas of standing water on roadways. Drivers can lose control of their vehicle when driving through standing water, or water can splash onto windshields and block other driver’s fields of vision. Blowing, raking, sweeping, or dumping leaves onto county roads is unlawful. Residents can clear clogged storm drains on neighborhood streets with low-speed limits and light traffic.

On busy roads, storm drains should only be unclogged by Public Works staff. Residents can report clogged drains and street flooding at

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hey! sharing is caring :)

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