Earth, Wind, Fire and Water: Elements Public Art Pieces on Display

Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, the four ELEMENTS are represented through several pieces of art placed around the town of Washougal.

The project started several years ago when Parks Board members Suzanne Grover and Janice Ferguson contacted Women Who Weld in hopes of an art piece to be placed at Steamboat Landing Park. There were to be four different pieces of art, each representing a different “element” on top of the tall pilings on the dock, but if a flood were to occur, the art would be in danger. It was decided it would be best to have these works of art placed in various locations throughout town to ensure their safety.

On December 1st, the final piece of art, WATER, was placed in its new home on the corner of Main and Pendleton Way. This piece was sponsored in part by Kind Heart Free Spirit Foundation.

EARTH was placed in September 2013 at the entrance of the pedestrian tunnel under Hwy 14 and sponsored in part by Washougal resident and Park Board member Shirley Scott. WIND was placed in April 2015 in Beaver Park and sponsored in part by Washougal residents Dick Beaver and family. FIRE was placed in 2016 at Steamboat Landing and sponsored in part by Mayor Molly Coston as a tribute piece for her late husband Phil Harris, Executive Director of the Two Rivers Heritage Museum.

The next piece of art that will come to Washougal is a mural on the outside wall of the public library. It will celebrate Washougal’s Betsy Ough, aka Princess White Wing.

The Washougal Arts and Cultural Association is also raising funds to place a full-sized bronze bear sculpture from local gorge artist Heather Soderberg.

For more information about Washougal Arts and Cultural Association and what is next for art in Washougal, visit them online.

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