Clark County Has Two Wonder Women

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Woman of Wonder, a nonprofit organization founded in 2018 to fund college scholarships, chose three Washington women for its first awards; and two are from Clark County Washington.

Congratulations to Sarah J. Reitmeier, a 2019 graduate of Columbia River High School, and Kayla S. Parsons, a current student at Clark College, on your scholarship awards!

President and Founder Carol Doane presented Sarah J. Reitmeier her award during a special graduate event. “I’m impressed by the tenacious way Sarah pursued all options to make college happen,” said Doane. This fall, Reitmeier will attend Linfield College, McMinnville, Oreg., to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing degree specializing in Oncology.

The other award winners also have lofty goals. Katherine L. Kelley (Grand Canyon University) is studying for her Master’s in Teaching in Special Education, and Kayla S. Parsons’ long-term goal is to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. “All three of these women are exactly who we want to help,” said Doane, who promotes education as a path to leadership opportunities and pay equity.

Inspiration for Woman of Wonder came from Carol Doane’s mother, Wilma A. Doane, a woman who struggled to pay for her own college and championed women’s workplace rights throughout her career. “I’m honored to be part of this,” says Wilma A. Doane, who was also a donor to the scholarship fund. “What we would have spent on Christmas we donated to the nonprofit. It will be rewarding to see these young women take our investment in them and use it to finish their degrees and pursue their dreams.”

For more information, visit Woman of Wonder online.

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