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  • WSU Master Gardeners of Clark County Workshop


    Fruit Trees 101.

    WSU Master Gardeners of Clark County present “Fruit Trees 101: Ten Things To Know When You Grow” on January 11, 2014 from 10am to 2:30pm. This is part one in a four part Fruit Tree Series.

    Thinking of growing your own fruit trees at home? Already growing fruit trees you want to make sure are well cared for?

    In the first class of this series, learn the ten most important things that will ensure healthy trees and an abundant harvest here in the Pacific Northwest.  The morning lecture includes: site requirements and prep, how to select a good tree, general care and maintenance requirements of different fruits, pollination needs, common pests, and more.  After a brown bag lunch, the class moves outside to explore the morning’s concepts with hands-on activities at Heritage Farm’s fruit tree orchard.

    Dates for the following series will be February 1, March 15 and April 19, 2014. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: http://bpt.me/523163  and limited to 35 participants.  Class cost is $45 for one class, or $160 for the entire four part series.

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    WSU Master Gardeners of Clark County Workshop

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