Woodland Community Helps Feed Children’s Minds and Bodies

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Woodland Public Schools thanks the many community organizations and individuals helping to provide the area’s children with education and needed services during the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

A local community credit union donated $3,500 to help the district purchase food to feed families in need during the weekend. Beginning in April, the Woodland Public Schools’ Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) distributes nearly 40 bags of food for families each week. “Thanks to Fibre Federal’s generous donation, we should be able to continue providing families with food for the remainder of the school year,” said Gabrielle “Gabby” Meador, Program Specialist who manages the district’s FCRC.

To help ensure all of the district’s students have the school supplies needed for remote learning, Woodland’s Dollar Tree and the SchoolHouse Connection donations helped the district assemble and distribute 60 bags of school supplies for families, too. “The amazing support we’ve received helps to bridge some of the gaps caused by this pandemic,” said Gabby. “In a time filled with closures and cancellations, it’s wonderful to see the community’s compassion has not been canceled.”

Truck drivers continued to donate snacks and meals that clients refused as a way of thanking Woodland Public Schools for opening the high school as a temporary truck stop and rest facility for long-haul drivers during March and April.

Shawn Fenmore, a driver for Landstar Ranger Trucking, delivered 25 cases of cookies and crackers including Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Ritz crackers, and Wheat Thins. “The cases were considered surplus because their shipping boxes were damaged in transit, however, the product was perfectly intact inside,” said Scott Landrigan, Woodland Public Schools’ Director of Facilities and Safety. “When Russell heard about our truck stop, he drove up from his last delivery in Vancouver to drop off the food which will help supplement the meals the district provides in its daily food services.”

Families in need of weekend food or school supplies should contact the FCRC:
Students, children, and families in need of food and/or school supplies can reach out to their child’s teacher or contact the FCRC directly by emailing Gabby Meador at [email protected], calling (360) 841-2718 or visiting the Woodland Public School’s Closure HQ website.

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