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The rainy season is upon us and in an effort to maintain the natural surface of the trails at Whipple Creek Park, there are some restrictions beginning on November 1st. This will be the second year restrictions have been made. Unfortunately, the trails can become too muddy due to clay soils, poor drainage, and steep slopes.

Dirt trails will be limited to foot traffic only. Walkers and runners can continue the use of the trails. Horses and mountain bikers can continue use of the gravel trails.

For the past 8 years, the Whipple Creek Restoration Committee and the community have spent more than 8,500 hours working to improve the trail systems to make them usable year round. There will be signs posted at the main entrance of the trails as well as at each dirt trail entrance. There will also be a map of the park’s trails so that users can see which trail they can use depending on their mode of transportation.

In 2017, the county decided to make the restrictions during the wet season and this proved a positive result. There was not as much maintenance needed and users had a better overall experience on the trails year round. Bill Bjerke, parks manager, said “These common-sense restrictions preserve the hard work of our volunteers. We appreciate the public’s understanding and cooperation so the park’s natural surface trails will be in good shape for all users during drier weather.”

As the season goes on, the weather and trail conditions will determine when the restrictions will be lifted.

For more information, visit Clark County Public Works – Whipple Creek Regional Park online.