Vancouver Heritage Tree Program Looking to Grow

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The City of Vancouver’s rich history is filled with trees, each with a story to tell. To recognize and preserve these living chroniclers of the past, Vancouver Urban Forestry is seeking to grow the community Heritage Tree program.

The Heritage Tree Program is a voluntary program that honors and recognizes those trees that add to the value, aesthetics, and character of Vancouver neighborhoods. Nominations for this year’s inductees to the Heritage Tree Registry are being accepted through July 31, 2018.

The city’s Heritage Tree inventory currently boasts nearly 30 trees and groves of trees, deemed significant based on documented historical connections, distinctive species or unique features. Some are simply trees or a grove of trees with exceptional aesthetic qualities. The venerable Old Apple Tree and the majestic grove in Officers Row are on the list, compiled over the years with the help of historians and documents.

“We know there are many more significant trees within the community,” said Susan Law, who serves on Vancouver’s Urban Forestry Commission. “These quiet symbols of strength and survival hold stories just waiting to be told.”

The city’s Urban Forestry Commission and Charles Ray, city Forester, encourage everyone who knows of a special tree or grove of trees to learn more about this program and consider submitting a nomination.

To be considered, a tree must be in good condition, have the consent of the property owner and meet at least one of the criteria denoting significance. Official designation includes a public hearing, a special plaque, and protection from unnecessary removal. Heritage Trees are inspected and assessed by Urban Forestry staff every five years. The city strives to create partnerships with local tree care companies for the care and maintenance of Heritage Trees.

Visit the city website for a map showing Vancouver’s designated Heritage Trees, criteria for the program, and the form for new nominations. Learn more about trees, tree permits, tree care and Heritage Trees at or by calling 360-487-8308.

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