Vancouver Charter Review Committee Considers Revamped Elections, Salary Increases

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The City of Vancouver’s Charter Review Committee will discuss changing the process of electing city councilmembers to be by a district structure, along with several other proposed changes at the next Committee meeting, to be held on Thursday, May 30. The meeting will be from 4:30 to 7:30 PM at Vancouver City Hall, Aspen Conference Room, 415 W. Sixth Street.

Currently, all six Vancouver City Councilmembers and the Mayor are elected at-large through a citywide vote. The Charter Review Committee is recommending the city be split into three districts with two Councilmembers elected from each district in the primary and then all Councilmembers elected through a citywide vote in the general election. The Mayor would continue to be elected at-large. There are a series of additional proposals being considered by the Committee including changes to the process by which Council and Mayor’s salaries are set, not permitting a councilmember to hold another salaried elected office while on Council and corrections of some minor miscellaneous errors.

Vancouver residents are invited to provide input on the proposed changes during citizen communications at the May 30 Charter Review Committee meeting, or by email to [email protected]

Vancouver’s charter was originally approved by voters in 1952. It forms the “constitution” of the city government and guides its structure and operations. Every five years, a committee of 15 citizens meets to review the charter and make recommendations for changes to Vancouver City Council. If the changes are approved by Council, they are then placed on the ballot for a public vote at the next general election.

For more information about the City’s charter, visit For more information about the Charter Review Committee, visit

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