TwinStar Community Foundation Matching Homeless Backpack Donations

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The TwinStar Community Foundation is once again partnering with Homeless Backpacks organizations to help at-risk kids. Now through October 12th, TwinStar will be seeking donations and food items to provide nutritious food for teens that provides the help they need to focus on school, go on to graduate and become contributing citizens.

Homeless Backpacks provide healthy food for the weekend to homeless youth in Clark County and other areas throughout the Pacific NW.

The TwinStar Community Foundation will match all personal contributions dollar for dollar.

Please stop by any TwinStar branch to donate money or food today. You will receive a tax deductibility form with your monetary donation. TwinStar employees will also be gathering food items to complement the fundraising efforts and will be looking to pile the food donations high at StarCon, their annual employee communication event in October.

The best items for the food barrels are as follows (keep items small so they fit in the backpack):

Tuna (canned)
Ravioli (canned)
Chili (canned)
Milk box (unrefrigerated)
Juice boxes
Granola Bars
Top Ramen
Individually packaged crackers and cookies
Instant oatmeal packets
Mac & Cheese
Ziplock bags
Fruit cups and applesauce cups

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hey! sharing is caring :)

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