Time to Focus on the Future: Evergreen Eye Care Offering Free Screenings and Glasses

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The importance of annual eye exams goes well beyond just making sure your vision isn’t blurry. Exams can identify apparent problems a person might have with specific visual tasks, such as seeing a whiteboard clearly in the classroom or recognizing road signs and other objects from behind the wheel.

Only a comprehensive eye exam can ensure your vision is as clear and comfortable as possible — and that you’re free from potentially serious eye diseases that don’t have obvious early symptoms, including glaucoma and even eye cancer.

But, not everyone has vision insurance or can afford to cover the cost of an exam and/or glasses. As part of Evergreen Eye Care‘s commitment to the Vancouver community, they offer an afternoon of free comprehensive eye exams and free eyeglasses every quarter. The next Free Clinic Day is on Thursday, November 7, 2019.

If you or someone you know is un-insured (NO Vision or Medical insurance) or unable to obtain insurance (does not qualify for Medicare or Washington State Medicaid / Apple insurance), contact the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington to inquire about an appointment.

Call Damaris Leyva (Vision Coordinator at the Free Clinic) at 360-313-1376.

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