Repair Clark County Helps Reduce Your “Waste-line”

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The Repair Clark County program will partner with the ReTails Thrift Store to offer free repairs on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Community members can bring broken items to the January event at ReTails Thrift Store (5000 E 4th Plain Boulevard, Vancouver) and have their objects repaired for free.

You are invited to bring household items needing small repairs, such as sewing projects, tools, and knives needing sharpening, appliances, electronics, bicycles and other items, such as jewelry. People may bring in multiple items for repair, but will need to wait in line separately for assistance with each item.

In January, the program will include another specialty category: books. “We enjoy trying new things with this program,” says Terra Heilman, Repair Clark County coordinator. “We’re testing out new repair categories as we come across volunteers with the specialized fixing knowledge.” Community members can bring in books that need small repairs, such as repairing torn pages, reattaching pages that have fallen out and gluing loose spines.

ReTails is owned and operated by the Humane Society for Southwest Washington (HSSW), and store donations and proceeds help provide shelter animals with food and housing, medical attention and adoption services. As part of its overarching goal to support pets and people, HSSW works with an array of community agencies and is proud of its partnership with Columbia Springs. “We’re so pleased to again host Repair Clark County at ReTails,” says Paul MacKay, Vice President of Retail Operations for HSSW. “This is our second year to be involved, and people loved the event last year!”

When it’s sometimes easier to just buy something new, why would you want to bring something in to be fixed? “There are many reasons people come to us,” says Heilman. “It could be a sentimental item, it helps them save money, some people just can’t bear to throw away something that they’re used to and know how it works. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to be helping our community conserve resources and reduce waste.”

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