Paddy Hough Parade Celebrates Community and History

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The Paddy Hough Parade is an all community event; including Hough School students, other local preschools, car clubs, local dignitaries as well as many Vancouver and vicinity community members and organizations.

Each year the Hough Foundation sponsors and organizes the Paddy Hough Parade for Hough Elementary School and the community to honor Patrick (Paddy) Hough. This traditional parade celebrates Hough School’s rich history and sense of community bringing students, staff, neighborhoods and our city together. Join in the fun on Friday, March 15, 2019, starting at 12:30 PM.

Hough Elementary school’s namesake, Paddy Hough was born in Tipperary, Ireland on March 17th, 1846. Paddy Hough immigrated to Canada in 1870 and then in 1883 to Vancouver, Washington. Soon after his arrival, he realized his dream of becoming an American citizen. He served as a teacher and Associate Superintendent in Vancouver. Sixteen years after Paddy Hough’s death, Hough Elementary School was built and named after the beloved educator. Soon a community sprouted up around the school which bears his name as well, Hough Neighborhood.

The parade is staged on Daniels Street in front of the school. Walkers, marchers, and vehicles then head up Daniels Street going north to 24th Street, then going east to Main Street, then proceed south on Main to McLoughlin returning to Hough Elementary. The parade starts at 12:30 p.m. and last approximately 45 minutes. Best viewing is on Main Street between 24th Street and McLoughlin.

No matter the weather, the sun always shines on the Paddy Hough Parade!

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