Leveling the Playing Field: Free Sports Equipment for Those in Need

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What is a major hurdle for young kids today to participate in sports? You guessed it, money. Good Sport Equipment Connection is on a mission to level the playing field by offering free sports equipment to kids in need so they can have access to sports and the benefits they bring.

What does participating in sports teach our kids? It teaches them how to work well with others and be a good teammate/friend. It teaches them to make goals and that they have the ability in them to accomplish those goals. It teaches them that success does not happen overnight, but takes hours and hours of hard work and practice. It teaches them how to budget their time to accommodate both school work and physical exercise. It gives them the opportunity to make life long friendships and develop attributes that will serve them well their whole life. How can you put a price tag on that?

Good Sport Equipment Connection invites you to attend the FREE Clark College baseball doubleheader on Sunday, February 24 as well. The baseball starts at 11:00 AM, and the equipment distribution begins at 1:00 PM, where you have a chance to outfit your player in time for spring baseball/softball season. Quantities are limited and will be distributed while supplies last.

The Good Sport Equipment Connection is a new community collaboration of non-profits, corporate sponsors, and public schools working together to provide kids in Clark County the resources they need to take their position back in the game. Your donation of gently used sports equipment and financial support will help fill the budget gaps for many families and provide youth the benefits of physical activity.

“Through the generous support of many sponsors and people just like you, the Good Sport Equipment Connection is able to provide a targeted range of sporting footwear and equipment to youth throughout Clark County. The type of donations we receive determine what we are able to provide sports groups and kids in our community.”

For more information on Good Sport Equipment Connection, including donating sports equipment and/or making a donation, visit them here.

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