Historic Military Talks – City of Vancouver and Barracks Water System

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June 20
Upcoming dates:

The Historic Trust in conjunction with the Vancouver Barracks Military Association will be once again hosting Military History Talks on the third Thursday of each month from January through June of 2019. These presentations are free and run from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Marshall House. These are a great way to learn more about the rich history of the Fort and Barracks.

We all know that the water we use every day comes from somewhere, but where exactly does the City of Vancouver get its water? On Thursday, June 20th listen as LTC James Pestillo, Retired U.S. Air Force, talks about the complex engineering that went into what is today’s city water system.

It all began with rain barrels, wooden pipes and artesian wells. Many private companies competed to be the ones to provide the U.S. Army and the growing City of Vancouver their water. Due to the competition and complexity of the water demands, the City of Vancouver bought a private water company, thus creating a public utility that is still in use today.

Space is limited for the Military Talks, so book your spot today at The Historic Trust online.

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