Historic Heritage Farm Now Looking to Future

The Heritage Farm on 78th Street has a deep history dating back almost 150 years. Originally started as a poor farm, then used as a research farm by Washington State University Extension. In 2008, Clark County resumed managing the property and continues to maintain it today.

In 2010, the County created a master plan to steer future use of the farm that commits the county to preserving the site’s agricultural heritage and history as a poor farm and to encouraging use of its agricultural, historical and educational amenities. It also included a map illustrating possible uses for the 79-acre property. In 2011, an interpretive trail plan was installed to educate visitors of the farms past. In 2018, a preservation and maintenance plan was created to maintain the farm’s historic buildings and resources for future use.

In 2019, Clark County will update the Heritage Farm’s master plan and is asking the community for help. This year’s plan update will incorporate changes to the property since 2010, potentially revise components of the master plan that have not been implemented, and review priorities for the farm’s future use.

If you are interested in hearing what is being planned and would like to give input, a Community Open House is scheduled for Thursday, January 31st from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Public Service Center (1300 Franklin Street) in the sixth-floor hearing room. A background of the farm’s plans will be given and information will be gathered from those in attendance. The Clark County Council wants to know the level of community interest in keeping this a working farm.

Help save the farm; help shape its future.

If you cannot attend an open house you can provide feedback via the on line survey. For more information, visit the Clark County Public Works website.

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