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When it comes to the safety of our kids, parents will go to great lengths to ensure every aspect of their kid’s lives is safe. So, do you know how to properly fit your child’s bike helmet?

Join PeaceHealth, Bike Clark County and Emergency Medicine Associates on Saturday, September 14th, 2019, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on the front lawn of PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center (400 NE Mother Joseph Place) where 100 bike helmets will be given to children in need and others can get their bike helmet checked out for a proper fit.

The Trauma Center team at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center as well as the experts with Emergency Medicine Associates and Bike Clark County will be on hand to ensure your kiddo has the best fit for their precious head. Helmets will be given to the first 100 in need.

Karly Schreiver, BSN, RN PeaceHealth Trauma Program Manager feels that all families should know the importance of wearing a helmet that fits properly. “Wearing a bicycle helmet is one of the most effective safety measures a child can take to prevent injury. The use of helmets has shown to prevent 88% of serious brain injuries. The Trauma Team at PeaceHealth Southwest would like to help in preventing these serious injuries to you and your child. We are always here and ready to take care of you and your child, but the best idea is to prevent the need to see us!”

So, how should a helmet fit? The helmet should be level on one’s head with the front edge no more than one inch above the eyebrows and the strap fitting closely under the chin. Then, move the helmet side to side and front to back. The helmet should only move a small amount. If this isn’t the case, tighten the strap and/or use the extra padding provided or, if it is too tight, remove the padding and/or loosen the strap.

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