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      the winner is… Vancouver Sausage Fest Drawing

      winnerand we have a winner... two actually.

      Our drawing for free Vancouver Sausage Fest Family passes and tickets in now complete.  Thanks to all of our new Followers on Twitter and Fans at our facebook page.  We appreciate you joining us in our online communities as we promote the activities, events, people and places of our real community.

      Drumroll please! The winner of the Three-day Family pass and ride coupon sheet is Candace Olson-Daron, from our Facebook page.  The winner of a Three-day Family pass is Bridget Chumbley from our Twitter followers.

      Congratulations to Candace and Bridget, please get a hold of us today at either Facebook or Twitter to set-up getting your passes. And enjoy the weekend!

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          the winner is... Vancouver Sausage Fest Drawing

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