The Show Must Go On: Washougal Youth Arts Month

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“The show must go on”… and so must the 2021 Washougal Youth Arts Month celebration and its cornerstone art gallery event. This year’s gallery, hosting more than 100 student works and growing with additional submissions each day, is available to view online at Washougal School district: Washougal Youth Arts Month.

Washougal School District and Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance have joined forces again in this effort to shine a spotlight on student art throughout March, which is recognized nationally as Youth Art Month. “We are very excited for our third year of partnering with our community in support of art in Washougal through WYAM,” said Mary Templeton, WSD Superintendent. “The experience to create, invent, and express their dreams through art is an important aspect of a child’s well-rounded education.”

“We were overwhelmed by the community interest and support of previous in-person galleries and did not want to let the pandemic stop us from providing an opportunity for students to share their works,” said Alice Yang, Cape Horn-Skye Art Teacher. “We are delighted that so many student artists and creators have submitted pieces to be enjoyed in our online virtual gallery this year.”

“I am always impressed with the level of creativity shown by our youth,” said Chuck Carpenter, WACA and WSD Board Member. “WACA enjoys helping to promote the works of these amazing young artists during WYAM! We also actively support student created public art collaborative projects in our community.”

Works displayed in the online gallery include multi-media, watercolor, sketch, clay, video, and include some creations by WHS Career and Technical Education students. Nearly all the pieces were created by students at home during the pandemic.

Washougal Youth Arts Month received formal recognition from both the City of Washougal and Washougal School Board. On February 22, Mayor Molly Coston signed a proclamation declaring March Youth Arts Month in Washougal. The Washougal School Board of Directors issued their resolution supporting Youth Arts Month on February 23 at their meeting. Templeton shared how her arts background has prepared her for life and career challenges and Coston read an inspirational poem.

“We love collaborating with the City, and especially in the arts,” said Templeton. “Together we are helping our students thrive. This partnership supports us as we work to know, nurture, and challenge all students in Washougal to rise to their creative potential.”

In addition to the virtual gallery, you can also access additional activities, shows, and contests.

Washougal High School Drama will present War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast by Joe Landry. It will be streaming from March 19 to March 21 and can be found by searching for “Washougal” on The cost is $2.95 and each stream is available for the entire day it is purchased.

Jemtegaard Middle School Soundstage club members will present a pair of radio plays made available for listening any time March 25 through March 28 on the Washougal School District website. Inspector Rufflethorpe: The Twitshyre Murder Case is an exciting British detective story. Life’s Little Ups and Downs, is told in the style of a 1950’s soap opera. Both original radio dramas were written by Anthony E. Palermo.

Youth Art Month started nationally in 1961 when the Council for Art Education and National Art Education Association named March as Youth Art Month to recognize art education and the value of art to create a better quality of life for all people. Research indicates that high-quality art educational opportunities can improve critical-thinking skills and even help to foster important values such as empathy and acceptance.

The above picture was created by Ruthie Davies, (Cape Horn-Skye Elementary – Fifth Grade) titles Sunny Mount Hood. “My painting shows love and peace.  The sun is shining down on the mountain for a beautiful, peaceful scene.”


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