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  • Ridgefield Farmers Market

    The 2011 Ridgefield Farmers Market will be in operation every Saturday, 9:00am to 2:00pm, through October 1st.

    The Ridgefield Farmers Market promises to be an exciting new addition to what the city of Ridgefield has to offer, both practically--think fresh food--and also as a new cultural attraction for the area.

    The Market is a reviving of the heritage of farmers markets of yore, where on summer weekends the freshest produce and homemade products would be crowded onto tables early in the morning before becoming spaghetti sauce or a cheese plate or floral centerpiece in someone else's nearby home later that same day.

    Visiting the Ridgefield, Washington Farmers Market is easy. The town of Ridgefield, Washington is north of the Columbia River about 14 miles up I-5, then west 3 miles is our downtown, where the market is, near the corner of Main and Mill Streets, in Davis Park.

    For more information, visit the Ridgefield Farmers Market online.

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    Ridgefield Farmers Market

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