Proof That Studying Does Payoff

Lexie Stucki, a senior at Hockinson High School is proof that studying really does pay off.

Lexie recently completed her ACT test and much to her amazement, she scored a perfect score of 36. This makes her one of the fewer than 0.2 percent of test-takers to score that high on the college entrance exam in 2018.

Lexie said, “I was pretty sure I did well but did not think it’d be that good.” While she had taken the ACT test once before, she decided to purchase a program that analyzed her first score and helped her in the areas she could improve. Over the summer she spent about 50 hours studying the practice problems.

With a goal of studying math or science, Lexie has decided to pursue more four-year colleges due to her success.

According to Myke Pace, a guidance counselor at Hockinson High School said, “She’s a motivated student who wants to do well and always wants to challenge herself. Lexie is a well-rounded kid who’ll go on to be successful in whatever she does.”

Lexie also participates in playing the clarinet in the band and marching band, soccer, National Honor Society, and the Key Club.

As for advice Lexie can provide for her fellow classmates, “find enough time to study, so you don’t have to cram it all in at the end.”

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