Northwest Personal Training Offers Virtual Training Classes for the Entire Family

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The Stay-at-Home order on March 16th closed the doors at NW Personal Training but it did not close their business.

Sherri McMillan explains “You can close the gym, but you can’t close the trainers. People’s health and their goals don’t get canceled because of a pandemic and our clients need us now more than ever. We met as a team and decided that we would do whatever we could to continue to provide our services to our clients virtually. We recognized that physical strength, mental health, stress release, and boosting the immune system is critical right now to assure that if someone does get exposed to the virus, their body will be strong enough to fight it.”

They were operating 100% virtually the next morning with group training starting at 5:30 AM. Originally, the closures of essential services were slotted for two weeks, then the order was extended, and now, Governor Inslee has extended the restrictions again with gym closures lasting well into June and potentially longer.

McMillan explains “We feel like we’re in a race and we were told it was a 5K but then they keep moving the finish line. Then it was a 10K, then a half and now a full Marathon. Fortunately, we’re athletes so we can adapt. We are resilient! It’s been a struggle but the feedback we’re receiving from our clients has made this all so rewarding. They’ve told us we’re literally saving them and it’s been a highlight of their days. We may not be doctors and nurses but what we’re doing is very meaningful and providing a positive outlet for our clients.”

When most businesses are scaling back, on May 4th after offering their Virtual Training classes for 6 weeks, Northwest Personal Training expanded their schedule, more than doubling the virtual training classes they offer.

“Tough times call for tough measures. We realized we were going to be in this for the long-haul with no end in sight and we decided to dig in. We surveyed our clients and they voted on adding a variety of class types. We expanded the schedule to add Youth Sports Conditioning classes for young athletes whose spring clinics were canceled. We added a daily PE class for kids who are were also stuck at home and need a good physical release. We also added Work-from-Home mid-afternoon stretch breaks. We added indoor cycling, rowing, balance, foam rolling, classes for runners and triathletes and so much more.” says McMillan

She continues “One of our trainers was at Target this weekend and was stopped by a nurse who works at PeaceHealth who thanked HER for the virtual classes explaining how much they have helped her through these unprecedented times”. Northwest Personal Training has been offering their virtual services complimentary to nurses and doctors for the last month. “It’s the least we can do,” says McMillan, “they’re on the front line literally saving lives!”

Northwest Personal Training has been helping people adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle for over 20 years in Clark County and has been recognized as Best in Business by multiple publications.

When the future for most small businesses, especially those in the high-touch, high-contact sector, seems very uncertain, if “Survival of the Fittest” plays any part in this, Northwest Personal Training should fare very well.

The cost to participate in all of their virtual training classes is $99/4 weeks per household so the entire family can enjoy all the programming. Email [email protected] or call 360.574.7292 to sign up.

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