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  • Little Cups and Grownups Play Cafe

    Coffee, Conversation and Kids.

    Families in North Clark County now have a new place to play; Little Cups and Grownups Play Café in Battle Ground is now open! The new Battle Ground coffee shop is not just any ordinary café; it’s a business at the forefront of an emerging trend: a coffee shop with a play area for kids, too.

    “We came up with the idea earlier this year when it was clear the options for family-friendly venues are fairly limited in our community,” said Matthew Parker, the café’s co-owner and manager. Parker’s wife, Janelle, and her friends would often try to meet up with other moms at coffee shops with their children in tow. The experiences usually ended up more stressful than relaxing, because though the moms had a place to enjoy coffee and conversation, their busy children would quickly become restless in an environment primarily geared for adults.

    “Most coffee shops are a great place to meet, but are clearly not intended for small children to play at,” said Mrs. Parker. “The goal with Little Cups is to give parents a relaxing space to enjoy a good cup of coffee, and at the same time create a fun and engaging environment that kids can enjoy, too.” The café, which is located at Clark and Main in Old Town Battle Ground will provide a comfortable café seating area for adults and 800 square feet of play space, stocked with toys and activities for infants and toddlers on up to kindergarten-aged children. There are also plans for hosted craft activities, story time and even kid-yoga.

    Little Cups and Grownups is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 8:30 am to 3 pm, their address is 614 E Main Street, Battle Ground. For more information, visit Little Cups and Grownups online, or call 360-687-2045.

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    Little Cups and Grownups Play Cafe

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