Kids are Authors at Union Ridge Elementary

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Shelved between I Spy and Spiderman are some very special books. The “Kids Are Authors” section only has books that are written by kids. Some of them are written by classes at Union Ridge Elementary School, and some are from other places, but all of them share young authors who take great pride in their work.

Last year, each class at Union Ridge created its own book, written and illustrated by students. From kindergarten through fourth grade, each student had a page to complete in a book. The books were bound and entered into the library catalogue. Now students can go to the library to see their class book, as well as books by students in other areas.

Students work on their books during library class. They enjoy getting to come back to the library to see the finished product. They can even check the book out and take it home to show family and friends.

In addition to the class books, librarian Jubilee Roth said students are welcome to create their own stories or write books of any genre, and the library will “publish” the book by adding it to the collection.

“It’s a great way to challenge students,” Roth said. “Kids LOVE to read books written by their peers. It gives them an authentic audience, kids reading work by other kids.”

During the year, the library could use a few volunteers to help with creating, binding, and laminating the books, as well as with other library tasks. Volunteers need to complete the school volunteer form and background check. For more information, contact [email protected]

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hey! sharing is caring :)

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