Why Fundboostr! Works

fundboostr-logo_900Fundboostr! is hosted by ClarkCountyLive.com – a part of the Live! Local Media group of companies – and was created to help local teams, clubs and non-profits raise funds.

Fundboostr! manages a platform that allows the use of digital media marketing tools and technology to quickly, easily, and securely help local groups reach their fundraising goals – without door-to-door selling, or any of the stress that goes along with ‘old-school’ fundraising campaigns… (goodbye, cookie dough and gift-wrap days!) 🙂

Here are just a few of the advantages of working with Fundboostr!

  • Local company: Immediate, local support, right here, even face-to-face if needed, to walk with you through your fundraising campaign;
  • Part of the ClarkCountyLive.com media network: Substantial local reach and extensive local contacts to help you boost your fundraising efforts;
  • Higher Net Proceeds: Your group worked hard, you shouldn’t get hit for 30-50%, or more, of your donations for product costs or fees – no way!;
  • Customized website page: Created specifically for your Group, not some random web address (site/?12469) that no one can find;
  • Off-line ‘Pledge’ Donor option: The ability to (optionally) have non-credit card donations;
  • No campaign minimums: No minimum charges or flat fees per campaign (those hurt!);
  • ‘Business Boostr!’ program: A special, local ‘credit match’ for Business Donors. This optional program allows local businesses to receive a tangible reward for their contribution to your program. A real ‘Win-Win.’
  • Member Prizes: Certificates and prizes to Group members for top donor referrals;
  • Perks Program: Reward your Donors with special incentives (coming soon);
  • Live! Rewards Bonus Points: More Rewards! This program offers your Donors the option to receive credits, discounts and freebies as part of the Live! Rewards Points Program (coming soon).

In addition to these program benefits, here’s a quick look at what makes Fundboostr work so well:

  • Donation Platform – use the Fundboostr! platform and tools to power your message to potential donors via email, social networks, other digital media, generating support for your program and fundraising goals. The effectiveness of the Fundboostr! digital marketing options make for a potentially viral campaign.
  • Secure NetworkFundboostr! uses state of the art encryption technology and SSL throughout the platform. Financial account information is not stored locally and data is private and not redistributed.
  • Simple Process – the customized Fundboostr! campaign page provides a simple, effective portal for your donors to participate. The one-step process, with confirmation and thank you communications, provides donors an easy, satisfying way to help you reach your fundraising goals.

To find out more about how Fundboostr! can help your local group raise awareness and raise funds, please provide us some information below. We look forward to being in touch.

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