Free Leaf Disposal Program Back Through End of 2019

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It’s that time of year… and the popular Fall Leaf Coupon Program, courtesy of City of Vancouver and Clark County Public Works, is back to help.

The annual coupon program allows local residents to bring leaves to a designated drop-off site for free disposal. Keeping leaves out of streets helps the City and County prevent clogged stormwater drains and localized flooding.

From October 1 to December 31, Vancouver and Clark County residents can drop off up to five cubic yards of leaves at the designated sites, at no charge. Loads of leaves must be covered, and all bags of leaves must be emptied out at the disposal site. Branches and other yard debris, including those with a mix of leaves, are not covered by the coupon and will be charged at the regular disposal price.

Coupons are required and must be filled out to be eligible for free disposal of leaves. Drop-off sites don’t have spare coupons, so be sure to get your coupon before going. Here’s where to get your coupons:

Clip it out of the Waste Connections Recycling newsletter, sent to all households in Clark County this fall.
Print it out from the City of Vancouver Solid Waste webpage:
Print it out from the Clark County Green Neighbors webpage:
Pick up a printed coupon from Vancouver City Hall, City of Vancouver Utility Services, and other City offices.

There are four participating designated disposal sites this year, shown below and printed on the coupon. You might want to confirm days and hours of operation at each location, especially heading into the holidays.

H & H Wood Recyclers, 8401 NE 117th Ave. Phone: 360-892-2805.
McFarlane’s Bark, 8806 NE 117th Ave. Phone: 360-892-6125.
Triangle Resources, 612 S.E. Union St, Camas. Phone: 360-834-7253.
West Van Materials Recovery Center, 6601 NW Old Lower River Road. Phone: 360-737-1727.

Property owners are responsible for managing the leaves from their trees. The City does not have a service to pick up leaves. According to local government agencies, deliberately raking or blowing of leaves into the street and leaving them in the street is considered littering, and violates the law.

Street sweepers are generally no match for big, wet, heavy piles of leaves. The free leaf disposal program is intended to provide options for residents with a lot of trees, while also protecting stormwater systems and streets from localized flooding.

Other options for leaf disposal include on-site composting or subscribing to Waste Connections’ optional yard debris service, available in portions of Clark County, or organics services, available within the City of Vancouver.

Residents should not try to clear storm drains on busy streets. County residents can call Clark County Public Works at 564-397-2446 to report clogged storm drains or flooding on busy streets outside city limits.

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