Extreme Makeover Playground Edition at South Ridge Elementary

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Who doesn’t want the opportunity to perform a makeover of some sort? The South Ridge Elementary PTO got just such an opportunity on the school’s playground.

The PTO is always looking for some way to give back to the school and help make it a better place for all kids. It was evident that the playground lines for the basketball goals, hopscotch, and tic-tac-toe needed some love and attention as over time due to foot traffic and our wonderful Pacific Northwest weather, they were worn down and fading.

Anne Lamping, PTO member, was given approval and organized a paint party. Colorful paint was donated by Hernandez Quality Painting and Lamping along with other PTO parents such as Joanne and Stephen Cloud, Hailey Health, Nick Hunziker, and Amber Nelsen spent many hours cleaning and prepping the surfaces and then repainting the lines to their original glory.

The PTO is hoping to repaint the large United States map in their next project!

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