Evergreen Public Schools Delivering Meals During School Closure

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There has been a lot of information released as it relates to Governor Jay Inslee’s decision to close all schools through April 24 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Evergreen Public Schools immediate goals are to ensure students and families have access to food starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17.

The following press release from Evergreen Public School Superintendent Mike Merlino outlines the districtwide distribution plan for free meals that starts tomorrow.

“Ongoing breakfast/lunch program (operating Monday-Friday):

Tomorrow, we are rolling out a districtwide breakfast/lunch program with food available for any school age child/student. As we previously announced, the following schools will be open for breakfast/lunch “grab and go” meals from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.:

Burton Elementary (14015 NE 28th St.)

Cascade Middle School (13900 NE 18th St.)

Covington Middle School (11200 NE Rosewood Ave.)

Crestline Elementary (13003 SE 7th St.)

Ellsworth Elementary (512 SE Ellsworth Road)

Hearthwood Elementary (801 NE Hearthwood Blvd.)

Heritage High School (7825 NE 130th Ave.)

Mill Plain Elementary (400 NE 164th Ave.)

Silver Star Elementary (10500 NE 86th St.)

In addition, we will deliver meals using school buses operating on normal morning elementary routes throughout the district. Students of all ages (not just elementary) may wait at the elementary regular time/bus stop, and the bus will stop to deliver both breakfast and lunch at the same time. Click here to find a convenient bus stop. We will also operate normal morning Special Needs routes. A household member will need to be available to come out to the bus and collect the meals.

To accommodate students who usually walk to school, buses will end their routes at schools to offer breakfast and lunch pick-up as follows:

From 8:30am – 9:30am:

Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary (14619 NE 49th St.)

Image Elementary (4400 NE 122nd Ave.)

Marrion Elementary (10119 NE 14th St.)

From 9:00am – 10:00am:

Columbia Valley Elementary (17500 SE Sequoia Circle)

Endeavour Elementary (2701 NE Four Seasons Lane)

Fircrest Elementary (12001 NE 9th St.)

Fisher’s Landing Elementary (3800 SE Hiddenbrook Dr.)

Harmony Elementary (17404 NE 18th St.)

Illahee Elementary (19401 SE 1st St.)

Orchards Elementary (11405 NE 69th St.)

Pioneer Elementary (7212 NE 166th Ave.)

Riverview Elementary (12601 SE Riverridge Dr.)

Sifton Elementary (7301 NE 137th Ave.)

Sunset Elementary (9001 NE 95th St.)

York Elementary (9301 NE 152nd Ave.)

Bus drivers will also have free/reduced meal applications that can assist families as circumstances change since they offer additional resources beyond student meals.”

For more information, visit Evergreen Public Schools online.

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