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      Downtown Vancouver First Friday Art Walk


      Art, Music and More.

      Looking for something to do on Friday night? Well, if it's the first Friday of the month, head Downtown Vancouver for First Friday Art Walk from 5 pm to 9 pm, where local shops, galleries, and restaurants stay open late to have some fun!

      "Grab some friends and grab a beer - explore some great local art and meet your community. The First Friday of every month, downtown explodes with art, music and people from all walks of life." ~Vancouver's Downtown Association

      Whether it’s happy hour at Niche’, a Peanut butter bacon burger at Main Event or dancing the night away at Atrium…there is plenty to do, the hard part is deciding.

      Not sure where to start...or where to finish? Click here for a handy little map that shows you some options for making your evening a memorable one. For more information, visit Vancouver's Downtown Association online.

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          Downtown Vancouver First Friday Art Walk

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