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Petra House: Buy One Entree, Get One Free

Petra House: Buy One Entree at regular price, get the 2nd one Free (up to $9 value).

Delicious, traditional Mediterranean food.

Service Provided by: Petra House, Vancouver.

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Petra House: Buy One Entree at regular price, get the 2nd one Free (up to $9 value).

Hummus, kebabs, and other Mediterranean staples served in an artful setting with banquettes and pillows.

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Service Provided by: Petra House, Vancouver.

Petra House: Traditional Mediterranean Cuisine

Issa Dakar had always dreamed of owning his own Mediterranean restaurant. This dream became reality in the fall of 2013 when he opened the Petra House in Vancouver. All of their dishes are made using recipes passed down from Issa’s mother, to his sister, and then to him, and only use the freshest ingredients and halal and kosher meats.

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The atmosphere is so peaceful. Even on a busy a Saturday. We had a traditional seat with curtains to close out the rest of the restaurant.. from the rose water hand cleanse to the baklava dessert it was a wonderful experience with food that melts in your mouth.

– Serena C.


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