Clark Public Utilities Seeks Comment on Clean Energy Plan

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Clark Public Utilities is building a roadmap to a clean energy future and is asking customers to help them draft the best version possible.

The Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), commits Washington utilities to provide greenhouse gas-neutral electricity by 2030 and greenhouse gas-free electricity by 2045. The overarching goal of the law is to make communities healthier, stimulate economic growth and create employment opportunities, while steadily reducing emissions.

One of the most significant elements of CETA for all publicly owned utilities and their customers is the Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP). A CEIP is a four-year plan to guide utilities’ efforts to meet the goals of the Clean Energy Transformation Act, while maintaining affordable rates and reliable service. Clark Public Utilities’ first plan addresses 2022 – 2025. It defines how the utility will act, invest and programmatically serve customers during that period. A new plan will be developed every four years and will be an important part of their energy and resource planning efforts.

The CEIP will define and demonstrate how customers are benefiting from the transition to clean energy through:
– An equitable distribution of the energy and non-energy benefits and reduction of burdens to vulnerable communities;
– The short- and long-term public health and environmental benefits of reducing emissions;
– A commitment to continued energy security and resiliency.

The CEIP is closely tied to the Clark Public Utilities Integrated Resources Plan, a long-term energy procurement and distribution plan. It identifies specific data related to key topics, including non-emitting resource targets, energy conservation targets, and demand response targets.

Utility staff has produced a draft CEIP, and requests customers share their thoughts and feedback. “We’re looking forward to taking community feedback on our plan, both as an opportunity to gain important insights we may have overlooked, but also as an opportunity to live our values of transparency and public participation,” said Energy Resources Program Manager Matt Babbitts. “We believe that the incorporation of many perspectives will build a better plan, guide us to a brighter future and demonstrate to our customers that we’re hearing what they have to say.”

As required by the state, the draft CEIP is offered in a summary report and an Excel document. Both are available for the public to view, but many will likely find the summary report the easiest to understand. There is also a CEIP factsheet (also available in Spanish and Russian) and a comment forum available online. Visit

The CEIP webpage is organized to explain about creating the plan, informational links to the law mandating the plan’s creation, relevant long-term energy plans drafted by Clark Public Utilities, as well as a list of important dates regarding the plan approval process. The public comment period ends December 3, 2021. Customers can enter their comments directly on the webpage, email them to [email protected], or attend an upcoming meeting of the Board of Commissioners. Any comments received after the plan is adopted will be considered for future plans and plan updates. The Board of Commissioners are expected to review and approve a final version of the plan in December. Utility staff will submit a completed and adopted CEIP to the Washington State Department of Commerce by January 1, 2022. Clark Public Utilities will track the results of the public participation process and consider ways to improve it during future planning.

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