Clark Public Utilities Offers Big Boost in Upgrade Incentives

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Now might be the best time to invest in your home’s heating system or upgrading your windows. Clark Public Utilities has significantly raised its incentives for heat pumps and ductless heat pumps as well as double and triple-pane window replacements for customers with electrically heated homes. “We hope to make these money-saving home energy efficiency projects more affordable for our customers while, at the same time, encouraging economic activity in our community,” said Clark Public Utilities Energy Services Project Manager Matt Babbitts. “But these rebates are only available for a limited time. So if folks have been thinking about making these investments. Now is the time to act.”

Heating and cooling make up about half of a typical household utilities budget. Homes built before 1990, when the state began codifying stricter building standards, may cost even more. But the performance of an older home can be improved, with the right upgrades.

Electrically heated homes can save big when they switch to a heat pump. Clark Public Utilities customers can save about 30 percent on their electric heating costs when they move from zonal heaters (like cable ceiling or wall heaters) to a ductless heat pump. Homeowners with electric furnaces can save big too. On top of being more cost-effective, heat pumps are quieter, heat the home faster and more comfortably than resistance heaters. Plus, they offer air conditioning for full climate control. The rebate your home may qualify for depends on your home’s current electric heating system. For example, customers can receive a $300 rebate when replacing an old ductless heat pump with a new one. Customers with electric furnaces may get $2,000 for a centrally ducted variable speed heat pump. Double or triple-pane windows can offer up to three times the insulating value of single-pane windows. Modern vinyl window frames lose significantly less heat than older metal frames. Not only will they help keep your home at the temperature you want longer, they also lower the volume on outside noise. Homeowners with single pane or metal-framed windows may qualify for $6 and $8 per square foot rebate on double or triple pane windows, respectively. That’s $2 more per square foot on both window types than the previous incentives.

“We understand that a new heating system or windows replacement is a large investment for any homeowner—even with these new rebates,” Babbitts said. “We offer financing options to help put
these money-saving upgrades within reach of as many customers as we can.”

To receive the rebates homeowners must meet a few qualifications. In addition to having electric heat, all work must be performed by a contractor in the utility’s Contractor Network.

The network isn’t an endorsement, warranty, or guarantee for any company. It’s a list of contractors who have voluntarily met the utility’s high standards of customer service, knowledge of current utility rebates and weatherization programs. They also have to prove they maintain all necessary licenses, bonds, insurance and all necessary professional certifications. Participating contractors must also meet all applicable social distancing guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while engaging with customers.

The contractors will take care of all the incentive paperwork required by the utility. All the customer has to do is sign on the dotted line.

To find out more, call the Clark Public Utilities Energy Counselor of the Day at 360-992-3355 or email [email protected]

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