Clark County’s Heidi Scarpelli Named Washington State Fire Marshal of the Year

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The City of Vancouver is honored to have their very own 2018 Washington State Fire Marshal of the Year.

Heidi Scarpelli has worked with the City of Vancouver for 27 years and has been Vancouver’s Fire Marshal for seven years. The award is the highest honor given to fire marshals in the state of Washington.

As Fire Marshal, Scarpelli manages a team of firefighters who are in charge of fire code enforcement and development review. They also review fire and arson investigations, conduct community education, and outreach about fire and life safety.

In 2018 Heidi graduated the four year Executive Fire Officer program at the United States National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This program gives senior officers the leadership roles and skills needed to change fire and emergency services organizations from reactive to proactive.

Earlier this year, Heidi was given the opportunity as one of four fire officials to present at Vision 20/20 in Virginia. “Vision 20/20 is a nationally recognized agency known for standardizing progressive fire prevention strategies in fire and life safety.” Scarpelli has also advocated a community risk reduction program called Project HomeSafe where the goal is to get rid of potential fire ignition sources in homes such as cigarettes, candles, and unattended cooking. Also known as “boots on the ground” project sends fire personnel volunteers into the community to conduct in-home fire and safety education visits. They also will install smoke alarms in homes that are considered high risk.

Vancouver Fire Chief Joe Molina said, “Heidi has carried a vision for enhanced and more effective fire prevention strategies throughout her career, and she is now leading by partnering with educational institutions to validate the efficiency of our fire prevention programs.”

Heidi said, “I am honored to receive this award, and I take great pride in this acknowledgment for my efforts to strengthen and promote fire prevention programs. I share this award with my team at the Fire Marshal’s Office. The positive impacts of our work in the community are the direct results of their true dedication and commitment to improving fire and life safety for citizens of Vancouver.”

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