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  • Clark County Seeks Local Home Hosts for Annual Natural Garden Tour

    Calling all eco-friendly gardeners, the Clark County Green Neighbors program is seeking hosts for its annual summer event, the 2017 Natural Garden Tour taking place on Sunday, July 23.

    To participate, residents must practice environmentally friendly gardening techniques and be willing to offer public tours of their yards and gardens.

    This is a great way for residents to show off their gardens and the earth-conscious methods. The event gives the community a chance to learn about gardening techniques, get inspiration for home landscaping, and exchange ideas with other gardeners.

    “What I love about the Natural Garden Tour is that people are helping each other learn about sustainable gardening practices,” said Sally Fisher, an environmental outreach specialist with Public Health.

    To register to be a Natural Garden Tour host, contact Sally Fisher at Clark County Public Health at 360-397-2121 ext. 4939 or [email protected]

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    Clark County Seeks Local Home Hosts for Annual Natural Garden Tour

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