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  • Celebrate World Water Day with a Walk

    The City of Vancouver’s Water Resources Education Center is inviting residents of all ages to participate in a Walk for Water on World Water Day, Saturday March, 22nd. The one-mile journey will take you along a beautiful path from the Water Center to the gorgeous Columbia River.

    The mission of World Water Day is to focus attention on the importance of water and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Events all over the world are being held to promote awareness, to support charities focused on clean water, and to provide an opportunity to enjoy local water resources.

    Registration starts at 9am, the walk begins at 10am at the Water Resources Education Center, 4600 SE Columbia Way. The path is paved and is stroller and wheelchair accessible. Don’t forget to bring a container for water. Contact the Water Center for more information at 360-487-7111.

    Lace up those sneakers and WALK FOR WATER!

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    Celebrate World Water Day with a Walk

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