Celebrate Community Supported Agriculture

||Celebrate Community Supported Agriculture

Celebrate Community Supported Agriculture

Where do you get your fresh produce? There’s been a lot of talk over the years that it is best to buy your food as close to the source as possible, and you can’t get much closer than on the farm it was grown. Hurray for CSA!

CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture and is a subscription to a season’s worth of sustainable, locally grown produce that is distributed to members throughout the harvesting season.

When you join a CSA, you are essentially buying a farm share. You pay for a growing season so farmers have operating capital. Then, throughout the season, you receive a box of produce from the farm on a regular schedule. It is a form of investment that allows small farmers to continue growing on a scale that may not be sustainable without the CSA model. You get to enjoy the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables for your family, while supporting local farmers.

“Clark County Grown is pleased to join others around the country for National CSA Day on February 23, when you can join other like-minded people around the country who are committed to eating local.”

You can find a listing of CSA’s offered in Clark County at Clark County Grown CSA.

Celebrate Community Supported Agriculture

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