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  • Camas Recycled Arts Festival

    From Trash to Treasure.

    Historic Downtown Camas will host its 2nd Annual Recycled Art Festival on Friday, June 1, from 5-8pm.  Works of local artisans, created with recycled resources for practical and artistic purposes, will be on display in merchant businesses on and around 4th Avenue.

    Sponsored by Waste Connections and hosted by the Downtown Camas Association, the event provides educational booths with activities for children, youth, and adults, opportunities to meet local artists, participation in the People’s Choice award, and a gift basket raffle for participating voters.

    Featured artist Rob Wurzer has found a unique way to incorporate natural and manmade materials to create one-of-a-kind sculptures. Abstract or lifelike, each has a story of its own and often reflects a dream, love of the outdoors or an influence from ancient cultures. Antler sheds found in the woods of the Pacific Northwest comprise a large portion of his work. Natural stone, remnants of recycled hardwood as well as copper, steel and shell often complete his sculptures.

    For further information about this event or to register as an artist, please visit www.downtowncamas.com.

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    Camas Recycled Arts Festival

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