BoostrBook TOU

The completion of a BoostrBook transaction is acknowledged as a donation to the applicable Campaign Partner or Charitable Organization. As to the tax-deductible status of this donation, the donor should inquire with their tax advisor. All donations are final, as the BoostrBook is delivered electronically immediately upon checkout.

Live! Local Media simply provides access to online vouchers via BoostrBook as a service to its Users. Some BoostrBook offers have specified restrictions associated with their use. Please read the restrictions carefully on each offer prior to attempting to redeem it.

Each merchant with an offer in the BoostrBook has an agreement with Live! Local Media and has agreed to honor each valid offer presented by Users. Nevertheless, Live! Local Media, its affiliates, and/or campaign partners are not responsible for failure of a merchant to honor offers for any reason, including but not limited to: change in location, change in management, business closing, or uninformed employees.

Offers are not redeemable for cash. Offer does not cover tax or gratuity. Unauthorized reproduction, resale, modification, or trade prohibited. Each applicable merchant is the issuer of their respective offer, provides all goods and services for which it may be redeemed, and is solely responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from the use or consumption of such goods or services.

The trade, barter, sale, purchase, or transfer of the BoostrBook offer collection in whole or in part or any of its offers is strictly prohibited. This collection and its offers are intended for the personal nonprofit use of the individual recipient of this collection.

Live! Local Media assumes no responsibility for any acts beyond its control including, but not limited to: Acts of God, fire, strikes, acts of terrorism, errors or omissions, or any other events beyond its control. Live! Local Media, their affiliates and/or campaign partners will not be responsible if any merchant breaches its agreement or refuses to redeem offers.

Any attempt to replicate or alter the BoostrBook offers in a manner which would enable a User to redeem more offers than expressly stated on the original offer may result in the removal of all remaining offers.

The completed BoostrBook checkout transaction constitutes acceptance of these BoostrBook program Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy of this website. Any violation of these Terms may result in the removal of all remaining offers from your BoostrBook.

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