Bike Mobility Project Community Advisory Committee Members Needed

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Is bike safety and mobility a passion of yours?

The City of Vancouver is looking for committee members to make up the new Westside Bike Mobility Project Community Advisory Committee. The committee will be presented with a variety of options and they will be asked to provide feedback and recommendations for a safer travel route in west Vancouver between the north and south. These solutions will include improvements that will benefit pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and drivers.

The committee will be focusing on the areas of Columbia, Washington, Daniels, and Franklin streets during this phase of the project. According to Principal Transportation Planner Jennifer Campos, “The City’s vision is for a safe, multipurpose north-south corridor that connects northwest neighborhoods and Burnt Bridge Creek with downtown Vancouver and the waterfront. We are looking forward to working with the committee to help shape a package of improvements that will enhance safety and mobility for people who walk, bike, drive and take transit.”

Committee members will consist of a variety of community members such as residents living in the area to be affected, members of neighborhood associations and coalitions, business owners, community organization representatives, and then those who will directly benefit from the changes such as pedestrians, transit riders, and cyclists. If this is something you may be interested in, applications are being accepted through July 23rd at the City of Vancouver online or can be picked up in person at City Hall (415 W 6th Street).

For more information about the Bike Mobility project, visit the City of Vancouver online.

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