Annual Old Apple Tree Festival | 2015

||Annual Old Apple Tree Festival | 2015

Annual Old Apple Tree Festival | 2015

“….The sun and the rain and the apple seed; The earth is good to me.”

Similar to to the American tale of Johnny Apple Seed, the origins of the first apple trees planted in Vancouver, WA are surrounded by stories of history and legend. It is known that the oldest living apple tree (189 years young) in the Northwest, was planted in 1826 at Fort Vancouver and were part of the garden often referred to as “Dr. McLoughlin’s Garden”. Of the five original apple trees, the Old Apple Tree is the only one remaining. This noble tree has endured flood, wind, ice, snow and limb damage in 2009. Through it all, this tree provides our community with a connection to a rich past.

On Saturday, October 3rd the annual Old Apple Tree Festival will celebrate this icon of the community with live music, family activities, apple cider pressing, fruit tree workshops, Old Apple Tree starts and more.

This family friendly and FREE event is presented by the Urban Forestry Commission in partnership with the City of Vancouver’s Urban Forestry program.

Event Time:
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Event Location:
Old Apple Tree Park
112 Columbia Way
Vancouver, WA

Annual Old Apple Tree Festival | 2015

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