The Reuser is Talking Trash

A Green(er) Christmas for Vancouver.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We all know we should, but it’s not much fun, is it? Well, it is if you know Terra Heilman, aka “The Reuser”! She is one of the organizers of Vancouver Green Drinks, along with Laura Sauermilch, that made events such as the Community Clothing Swap and the Check ‘Em Off Green Holiday Event possible.

She also has a blog, The Reuser, with some ideas to keep you gifting green and local this holiday season. So, in the true spirit of reusing, I am reusing some of her ideas (with permission, of course!).

“Give Experiences. Support the local economy by purchasing gift certificates for experiences.  Look no further than local restaurants, museums, sporting events, concert halls, theater shows, and classes for everything from yoga to guitar lessons for a unique and special gift for every interest and age group. Or, give the gift of a shared experience and make a date to do something special together.

Shop Sustainably. With local bazaars and holiday markets it’s easy to support local artists, farmers and merchants.

Give Homemade. Get crafty! Save money this holiday season by making your own gifts and cards. No matter your skill level, the sky is the limit for do-it-yourself projects.”

Need more specific ideas? Well, here are some of Terra’s suggestions:

“Buy massage gift certificates for that stressed person on your list.

Got kids? You might like to get them some recycled crayons or a capri-sun notepad, a new hat or a book about a local dog named Metro.

Know someone who likes bling? Get them some hand-made jewelry. We have lots of vendors who make jewelry from fun items, like beverage bottles, skateboards, fused plastic and many others. Or, if they’re like me and already have too much jewelry, buy them an upcycled organizer.

For the DIYer in your family, you can purchase a gift certificate to the Habitat For Humanity store .

Got a loved one that loves their garden? Purchase some yard art or seeds.

Can’t find anything for that person-who-has-everything? Purchase a brick or a calendar from the SW Washington Humane Society and your purchase will help pets find forever homes.”

Thanks, Terra for all the great information, and we’ll see you at the next Vancouver Green Drinks event!